Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Small update on Sebastian

We called the vet with some questions this morning. You know, the ones you think of AFTER you've left?

Anyways, he averages about 1-2 biopsy's (or is that biopsies?) per YEAR! I don not feel comfortable with that. They will actually be taking part of his bone. That is huge, invasive and painful.

There are 2 oncology vets in Kansas, both about 3 hours from us. We have family in Kansas City, so we have decided to go there. That way if we ever need to stay overnight, it won't be an additional cost.

They were able to fit us in tomorrow! So, as soon as I get out of classes in the morning, I will be headed to KC. Here is the place we are going. I was very pleased with the website, the receptionist, and things we have heard already about Dr. Heeb.

We will also get the results much quicker this way. Which means we can start treatment much sooner! Since this type of cancer spreads so fast, we are hopeful that we caught it early. If it has not spread, the amputation is all we will need to do. Which is good, because I already have my mind made up about that. It's the rest that I can't decide on.

Amputation? That does not bother me at all. I've known a few 3-legged dogs in my time, and they all seem to do great. My friend has a 3-legged Great Dane. We don't have any steps in our house that Sebastian uses. He refuses to go in the basement.

You should have been there when we had the tornado warnings going off one time! I was the only human home. I threw the cat in the carrier and put him in the basement. I grabbed Angel (our Akita) and took her down. Then it was time for Sebastian. He is big. He is stubborn. He is strong. This may sound very mean, but when you have a tornado headed your way, you don't have time for much else. I put him on the leash and I started to go down the stairs. He got down about 2 steps and just planted himself there. I pulled and pulled. He just stared at me. I finally won because he couldn't breathe anymore and gave in. I know, mean. But what else could I do? By the time we were all down there, I was sweating. Then I turned the radio on and the warning was canceled!

Anyways, we'll be meeting the new vet tomorrow and doing the biopsy. I'll let you know how it goes soon.

Thank you all for your kind words.

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Bree said...

Good luck tomorrow!

That's hysterical about the tornado/basement thing. We do similar action only we go over to the neighbor's house (as they have basement and we don't). Ours is with 2 cats in 1 carrier and our dog whose freaking out because of storm noises.