Tuesday, April 24, 2012

30 day yoga challenge

I just signed up for a 30 day yoga challenge.  Not many details yet, but they will be coming.  It is for the month of May.

I also just purchased a groupon.com  for a 28 day challenge with a small group trainer.  It has to be 28 consecutive days, so I need to check my calender to figure out when I can start.  I know I have some travels coming up and don't want those to interfere.

I started Nutrisystem a couple weeks ago.  On most days I've been eating an average of 1,100 calories.  I haven't lost ONE pound, and my clothes still fit the same.  Not happy about this.  My thinking is that I'm not getting enough calories for my body so it continues to store the fat in fear of starvation.  Although I'm not hungry?  So, I'm going to eat more veggies next week and see if that helps.  I hate veggies.  I can do it.

Hopefully a combination of the above will help to feel better.  Less tummy, more energy, more sleep (I have trouble sleeping).  That's all I want!  Is it really asking too much?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Credit Cards

I've updated my debt sidebar.  I've been so close to paying it off, then I just give up.  And I'm about to use my credit card again.  Taking the kids on our family vacation this summer.  I'm using the card to book the flight/hotel, but by the time we leave, we'll have enough saved up to pay the rest in cash.

Logically, I should not do a vacation this year.  And I should use that cash to pay down the debt.

I won't put my rationalizations here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I've struggled with my weight since 2004.  It was that time that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
Before that I averaged size 7, around 125 pounds.  Now I'm at 190, size 14.

I've stopped talking about, but I need to start again.  Why did I stop talking?  People would assume it's my fault.  They would assume that my thyroid pill would take care of it.  I even had an endocrinologist tell my husband to buy me bigger clothes.

People, a thyroid pill is not a magic cure.  You still have symptoms.  You still struggle with weight.

I don't eat horribly unhealthy food.  I don't eat all the time.  I do move around.  I don't sit on my ass all the time.  Although the more I've struggled with this lately, the more I've sat around.  I'm tired of trying and not seeing any results, so why try?  I trained for and completed a 1/2 marathon last year.  Not a pound lost.

There's my introduction.

Test post...

I'm trying to figure out how to post a post on one of my other pages.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


This has really been helpful.  It keeps me focused, forces me to think about things, and helps me to achieve my goals. 
Before I was trying to do everything at once.  I've recently listed out what I want to do/be,  and rated most important and most work.  I came up with simple things to get by with the least important things, like being a good employee, because I am already that.  For improving my diet, right now I'm just working on eating vegetables everyday. 
The big things have bigger things to do.  Like connecting with my daughter.  That takes a lot of work/planning/ideas.  She is a teenager and mom time is the last thing on her list.

If I were to try to do it all, like I have in the past, then everything would just be mediocre.  This way I can work big on the important stuff, while just getting by with other stuff.  And when that important stuff gets easier, or the goal is met, I can move on and focus more on another area. 

So far it is working and my stress level is more bearable.  Before I just had to have EVERYTHING perfect and NOW.  I'm learning to say ok, this is my focus, let's improve this and then we can look at something else.  And rating things helps: what needs the most work - what am I already good at - what can get by for now and be a focus later -  what can I delegate - who can I ask for help - what area of my life needs me the most right now - and on and on...

My journal is at work (I do it over my lunch break).  I'll make a copy of my list page and talk some more about that this weekend.   Then it might make more sense to the blog world. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh my. It seems I come by about once a year, then leave. No more.

I don't know what kind of content you will find here. Probably a bunch of rambling about thousands of different things. I will have something to say here at least once a week. Promise. No, take that back. Promises are bad.

Right now I'm working on journaling at least three times a week. I have so much in my head. And I get home and I sit down and I do nothing. I'm overwhelmed. I thought once school was done, things would be better. Well, it's done, and I'm still not doing anything. What's my excuse now? I'm not letting myself have one. I need to get things done. Period.