Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh yeah, and I'm MARRIED!!!

We're back and married. I'll be working on the stories soon.

Airlines and luggage.........RANT

OMG! I'm completely in awe at how airlines handle luggage. I've flown very few times in my life, and lost my luggage (excuse me, had it delayed) more than 1/2 of my flights. And they really don't care! As long as you get your luggage within 24 hours, they are not responsible for anything. Even after 24 hours the responsibility is extremely low.

My first flight ever was to NYC in 2004. We flew out of Wichita, layover in Chicago, then on to NYC. Back we had a layover in Dallas. No problems at all.

Then off to Vegas from KC, direct flight both ways, in 2005. No problems.

My 3rd flying trip was in 2007 to MSP, layover in Atlanta. I get to MSP, no bag. This one really was lost. No record of it other than leaving Wichita. According to reports, it left Wichita, but did not arrive anywhere.
I was spending the weekend in MSP, meeting 20 some other knotties, with nothing to wear. I was leaving there, straight to Vegas for a conference. Well, I of course had to go shopping, and since the airlines had no clue what happened to my luggage, I shopped for the week in Vegas. Figured it would be easier and cheaper than shopping in Vegas.
I had arrived in MSP Friday. I have no idea how many phone calls I made trying to find my bags. Finally on Sunday, I got someone who actually got off her butt and went to look. Sure enough, there were my bags, still in Atlanta. She shipped them off to Vegas for me.
When I got my bag, it was shredded......well, for 2 days of no clothes and a shredded bag, I got a whopping $100. Wow.

This month I flew to Mexico. We were to leave KC, layover in Chicago and land in Cancun at 12:33 pm. Our KC flight left late and our Chicago flight left early. It was quite the site, me carrying my wedding dress, running through the Chicago airport.
The only way now to get to Cancun was to have another layover in Atlanta. So, off to Atlanta we went. Of course I knew I was going to loose my luggage. When we got on the plane in Atlanta, headed to Cancun, I was watching the bags being loaded on. And I saw one of mine! Whew, the sense of joy I had at that moment was wonderful. Then, all of a sudden they drive off, with my bag still on it!!! WTF!?!?!? FI tried to tell me I was crazy, it wasn't my bag. But, I knew it was. I saw the tear and the special was mine! And, of course, when we got to Cancun, 10 hours late, my bag wasn't there. In fact, 4 of our bags didn't make it. They were lost. The computer didn't know where they were.
While shopping in Playa del Carmen for new clothes, we saw another American and said something about lost luggage. She said "let me guess, Atlanta" I guess they are famous for lost and delayed luggage.
The four bags did show up late the next day. It had all of my clothes, all of my mothers clothes, my sons clothes and most of my wedding stuff. Talk about a stressed bride.

Now here we are returning to the states. We land in DC and have to claim and recheck all of our luggage. It is all there. We land in KC. We are missing 2 bags. WTF? Of course KC doesn't fly to Wichita, so how are we supposed to get them? This is great. We called the next day, Sunday and they say our bags are in KC. Well, we tell them they were supposed to go to Wichita.
The bitch didn't put that on our claim. In fact, we find out she didn't even do a claim. She filled out the form and wrote the bag numbers, but she didn't file the claim or assign a number to it. So, the guy on the phone does. Great. Our bags will be flown to Chicago, then to Wichita,. Today I get a call from a delivery guy saying he is delivering our bag. One bag?? Yes, only one bag. So, we call again. Guess where our other bag is? Memphis. Another WTF?!?!? It will be in Wichita tomorrow.

So much for getting all the laundry done today.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We're off to get married!!

After a night of no sleep, I got everything done! We have a few more things to pack, running off to a friends to borrow her suitcase.

I'll post pics when I return as a MRS.!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ok, not in WR mood

I should be doing something.........but instead I'm here. Maybe you'd like to know what I have done?
Quite a bit, actaully.
-I got my dress, my first fitting was my final! She did an awesome job!
-I'm officially tanned, well tan enough anyway.
-I got my ring cleaned, FI got his sized
-Picked up the clothes from the cleaners.
-Here's a HUGE one, I finished my flowers. I have to show pix of Katie Sue's flowers, she was my inspiration!
-Bought all the stuff to make the bouts
-picked up marriage liscense application (which reminds me of a vent)
-confirmed and finalized everything with the WC and photog
-got the forms wrote for ex to get notorized. Only problem is he can't find a notary to sign them without me present, so we have to make a trip up there. About 2 1/2 hour drive.
-And here's the biggest one! I drove around all day looking for a wine decanter and couldn't find one I liked. The next day FI went to a couple places on his lunch break (without me asking or knowing) and found the PERFECT one!! How's that for a great FI?!?!?!

I think that's about it. I still need to make bouts, print some stuff, glue some stuff........have our civil ceremony in the states. Oh, and finish packing.

All my friends are doing it!

I should preface that with my friends that live in my computer. They ALL have blogs........most of them had blogs when I started, which is why I started. I think today the rest of them started one.
I added a link to my favorite will LOVE her stories. They actually make me smile before 10 am. And as my IRL friends know, that is a VERY hard task.
Eventually, I will link to all of them. But right now I should really be working on something wedding related. We leave in 3 days!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

It's been awhile..

I've been busy trying to get all wedding stuff done and ready to go. It's going much better now. I did spend a whole day driving around and looking for a wine decanter with a topper, to no avail. But FI took his lunch break the next day and found the perfect one!! I also realized that the bag for my dress is see through, and I have to carry it on the plane. So, one of my friends found a white bag for me!!

I just finished finalizing my employees schedule for the next 2 weeks. I hope no one else tries to book, they may not like the answer. I did send out an e-mail warning them I would not be here, and my employees schedules are limited. So, I will try my best to say no and not feel guilty.

I go for my final fitting for my dress today. I really hope everything fits right and we don't have to leave it there longer.

The ceremony is basically finished, I just need to add a couple things and decide which reading to take out. Otherwise it is way too long!!

Well, off to finish making checkmarks!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I imagine you're probably wondering why I haven't talked about my kids?

Well, they are both from my first marriage, which means they aren't always here. And when they aren't here I really don't like to talk about them, because it makes me miss them more. It's one of those out of sight out of mind things for me.

But, they are here this weekend! My daughter is 10, going on who know what, and my son is 8. He is a mama's boy, and I know I shouldn't be happy about that but I am.

They were supposed to go back to their dads today, but when we were getting ready to leave my son got sick. He felt it in his room, and tried to make it to the bathroom, but didn't. I just got done scrubbing the walls and cleaning the carpet in the hallway. Poor guy.
But, they get to stay one more day! Ex lives about 2-2 1/2 hours away.

We had a blast this weekend, going to a children's play and the art museum.

They really have the best of both worlds. We raise them as city kids, museums, plays, restaurants, etc.... While their dad raises them as country kids. Home cooking, lakes, bike racing, car fixing, etc....

My to do list

Ok, here it is. Everything I have to get done by the 18th.
-make new client packets
-make address labels and stamp postcards to go out
-finalize employees schedules
-finish and mail in 941

-make form for ex to fill out so we can travel out of country with kids
-confirm with photog
-make programs
-write our ceremony and vows
-make a day of timeline
-plan activities for mexico for us and guests
-finish playlist
-get my engagement ring cleaned and FI's band sized (jeweler closed until 10th)
-make bouts and boquets
-pickup clothes from cleaners
-buy jewelry (first have to find some)
-pick up dress and hope the final fitting is right
-get daughters dress straps shortened
-call courthouse and find out how to get married before we leave
-by wine decanter and cork for our sand ceremony

-pay bills
-set up auto transfers
-strip and refinish dressers
-clean whole house
-buy a postcard for someone

That's not so bad, right??

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our up and coming Wedding

Ok, so we're getting married on July 23rd. Apparently I thought that everything would just happen and fall into place. Well, now I've got a to do list longer than the flight down there, and I'm running out of time.
Shouldn't people just be able to read my mind and make everything turn out like I want it?

Today FI and I worked on our playlist. It went well. We still have some work to do, like getting the songs, but for the most part we have made all the decisions on what to play.
I also finally got our final checklist sent off to our wedding coordinator. It was due 3 weeks before, which was July 2nd. Better late than never, right?
Oh, and FI got his shoes and belt today!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll post my to do list. Would that get me to work on it?
Maybe I should post what I have done. Would I feel less stressed by seeing that I have actually gotten something done?
I've posted on my wedding website to my friends who live in my computer, but they must be having IRL stuff going on, the board is dead tonight. It seems to be that way anytime I have time to get on.

We had 2 brides getting married today! Best wishes to them!
The news says this is the busiest day of the year for weddings.......

I really need to get some pictures posted on here.

Friday, July 6, 2007

I have friends who live in my computer, do you?

I'm laughing at my IRL friends comment from my last post. I also have friends who live in my computer, so I need to keep that distinction there. I'm assuming those of you reading this probably also have friends that live in your computer, so you will understand. But, I have been lucky enough to actually meet several of my friends who live in my computer. Hmmm.......since I've met them, are they still those who live in my computer, or IRL friends??

I'm going to say that since I've only kept in touch with them by means of computer, they are still those that live in my computer.
I know most of them call each other and talk and all that, but I didn't jump on that boat. Unfortunately right before I met them I started having some medical issues and couldn't stay up all night and talk with them all. So, I didn't get as close as most of them did. This does make me sad and I am a little jealous, but there will be a next time. And.....I'm shy, but I tried really hard that weekend to not be! And.....

I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE! Am I alone in this?? I love talking IRL, and emailing, IMing and all that, but I hate the phone! Even with people I've known forever, but especially with people I don't know that well.

I hope all that didn't make me seem like a bitch or anything. I used to get called that alot, or people would say I thought I was too good for them. When that is not the case at all. I used to be extremely shy. I'm getting better over the years, but it's still there.
So, the next time you think someone is snotty or bitchy, stop and think, are they maybe just really shy???

Oh, and back to that medical problem. I'm hypoglycemic and have pre-diabetes. So, while we were out drinking and having a great time, I did start to crash after so many sugar filled drinks and had to go to bed. I'm much better at controlling this now. In fact, I have no problem drinking and staying up half the night anymore. I just had to learn how to do it. Which was actually quit simple..........just took some time to figure it out.

Maybe I should say who my friends are that live in my computer. I 'met' them all on a wedding planning website. Without those wonderful ladies and their support and encouragement, I'm sure I would have given up on my dream wedding a very long time ago. And I've gotten the greatest ideas from them! I can't wait to start posting about some of that!

The purpose of blogging?

I only started with Monday because it was such a shitty day and this whole week was bad. So, now that it is all out of the way I can move on. Gosh, this is a nice way to vent.

Today I had to get up before FI. In fact, he was still in bed when I left. When I got home, I noticed he must have overslept because the dogs had not been fed. So, I take care of the pets. I sit down to read my email and then I'm headed for the gym. Except........I find out one of my computer friends has started her own blog. And I realize a majority of them have blogs. So, I decide to start my own. Did I make it to the gym? Nope. I'm sitting here blogging my shitty week. I hope this doesn't take over my life.

I realize I'm doing things a little differently. As I look at other blogs, I realize their posts usually reflect on one topic, whereas I'm talking about EVERYTHING! Oops. Are there rules on blogging? Should I stick to one thing and keep it simple? Who is really going to read this?
Do I want to tell my IRL (in real life) friends about this? What if I vent about them, or spill some secret? Do I want them to know EVERYTHING??
What if someone I don't like stumbles onto this? Can I keep it private and still have it out there for all to see?

Thursday this week

I'm getting caught up on my week!!
Ok, this was yesterday. I came home from my overnight sit, changed clothes, brushed teeth, had a shake and took FI to work. Then I went and did my other morning sits. When I get home, I'm all alone! Yes!! Back to normal.

FI calls me during the day to say that they got his car in today and we can go get it. So, I make sure to get all my stuff done before he gets off work. I also IM a friend to see if her DH (dear hubby) and her want to go see the fireworks tonight. Well, she is all excited but her DH doesn't want to stay up that late. He gets up around 3 am on Fridays. I would be the same way if I had to get up that early, but she ends up getting mad at him.
Mental note to self: Don't ask them to do anything on Thursday nights again.

So, I go pick up FI from work and we come home to get his car. Guess what? It started! Yay! So, we take it to the dealership to pick up our new Versa. Then we go out to Timberline for a good steak dinner. Of course the first steak they bring out was overdone, so FI made me send it back.
What does 'medium' mean to you? For me, and according to their menu, it means pink. Well, there was no pink, all dark. I have no idea how many times they spit on my second one, or what other unthinkables they did to it, but it was pink and juicy and very good!
Then we go see the fireworks. They did a very nice job. Not as nice as New York City, but for Kansas, it was good.

Then, I got to go home and sleep in my own bed. So nice.

July 4th

FI has the day off, so I don't have to worry about taking him to work. Both the gym and the tanning place are closed, which sucks because I missed Monday. I start my day off, get my morning sits done and go home. I'm still fuming over the phone drama from yesterday, but am finally starting to accept that I will not be getting a new one. I'm actually in a bitchy mood today. I've been playing games on the computer, to win free song downloads and catching up on my soap operas. (I guess people call them 'stories' nowadays?)
FI knows I've had a really shitty week and he's trying to be really nice to me. But, he's just getting on my nerves. Time to go do my noon sits. The first one is one of my favorite clients. They have 5 dogs. It is so neat to watch how they interact and their 'pack' levels. I really could watch these dogs all day. I'm only paid for a 30 minute visit, but I spend an hour there.
Then off to my next one.
By the time I get home, I'm a little more chilled. Did I mention it's also that time of the month for me? So, I'm sure that's adding to my shitty week. When I get home, FI is mowing the yard and isn't done until it's time for me to leave for my supper sits. So, I got my alone time in.

I really need that alone time everyday. I'm fine on the weekends, but during the week I expect it. When it doesn't happen it really throws my whole attitude off. Hence the comments about FI not working yesterday.

I'm again sleeping at a clients tonight so no fireworks for me............and life goes on.

My Tuesday

Ok, since I didn't have time to work out or tan yesterday, I was going to make sure I got that in today. FI's alarm was going off, I politely tell him to get up. I didn't need to be up until 9 today.

Well, FI is out of the shower, getting dressed, and tells me he is not going to work today. WTF? I didn't put him in my plans, I didn't have to worry about him until after 5. Crap, now I'm wide awake, so I get up. Seems, FI is taking my comment from yesterday "get a new f*ing car" seriously. He calls into work and says he is car shopping. I remember his list of to-do's for the wedding and tell him to take care of those as well. That should keep him away until 5.

Since I'm up early, I do some invoicing and stuff. Of course FI decides he has to research cars before he can go anywhere. Like he hasn't been doing that for the last 3 years. I really think he did something to his car yesterday, knowing what my reaction would be if it broke down on me. (ok, I don't really think that)
So, while I'm attempting to get my work done, he keeps talking to me. Ughh....wasn't on my agenda for the day.

Finally, it's time to go to the gym! Then I go tan, then I start my sits. I call FI a couple times to see how things are going. He's been at the Nissan dealership for 3 hours.
At lunch time he wants to meet me so I can see the car he's about to buy. Not bad. Not what I would have went for, but not bad. A Nissan Versa. This one was a higher end model, they had to get the one he wanted from somewhere else. So, he has to wait until Friday to get his new car. In the meantime, I have to drive him to work. And life goes on......

After I'm done with my stuff and he is done with the dealership, we decide to go phone shopping for me. Again, this subject is long, and I'm still too pissed off about it, so another time.

I'm sleeping at a clients house tonight. Yes, people pay me to sleep at their house so their dogs aren't alone. I love it!

Oh, and FI's list of things to do today. Well, he had to drop his pants of to get altered, buy a belt and some shoes, and drop his ring off to get sized and mine to get cleaned. Well, he dropped his pants off but forgot to buy a belt and shoes. He took both rings to the jeweler, only to find a note on the door that they are closed until the 10th for inventory. Ughhh....they better be able to get his sized by the 18th!!

My shitty monday this week.

It sucked. Big time.
It was supposed to be such a nice day. I got to sleep in, I only had 2 sits to do (I have a pet sitting business), and then I was spending the day doing wedding related errands.

Well, I slept just a touch longer than I should have. I jumped out of bed, threw on my workout clothes and headed out to the gym. But, what did I find in my driveway? A flat tire. Nice.

I'm going to back up to Sunday for a minute. I had to drive my fiance to get his car. (he left it at a friends after his bachelor party) As we're driving the low pressure light came on. So, we pull over and air up both back tires. Well, then it comes on again. So, we pull over again and now they are over inflated, so he lets some air out. Now we are on our way. No more problems.

Back to Monday. After 2 long hours I'm finally on my way. I got the van to the tire place and FI (fiance) brings me his car. I drop him off at work and refigure my schedule with a 2 hour delay. Thank goodness neither of my sits for the day are dogs. Kitties are okay with me being a little late. I get both visits done, rush to the alterations store with my wedding dress. Get a lecture for bringing it in so close to my date (did I mention I'm a procrastinator?), drop FI's clothes at the cleaners ( i tried to iron them myself, then realized some poor soul depended on me to stay in business),
and actually made it to my make-up trial on time! But, when I walked in she had just started a trial on someone else. Ummm......Excuse me, but I had an appointment! OK, so I have no patience. I sit down.

Do you guys have conversations with yourselves? My went like this "It's ok Stephanie, she is going to get done really soon." The I look at my watch and realize I'm about 7 minutes early. How in the hell can I be 7 minutes early when I started my day 2 hours behind?? Then I continue talking in my head, telling myself to calm down, I'm early, everything will be ok. Hey, I actually have time to relax, to sit down, not worry about being late, etc....and I can check my email on my handy dandy phone. (apparently I watched too much Blues Clues when my kids were younger)
By the time it is time for me, I am calm. They make-up lady was awesome! I got a massage and ended up spending $400 on new make-up. I felt great! We'll have a make-up post later.

Feeling sexy and like a new person, I head over to Victoria Secrets. They had some orange/pink nighties I wanted to get for the honeymoon. And I wanted one of those 100 ways bras. Well, to add to the shitty day, they didn't have anything in my size. (yes, trying to loose weight, so that did not help the self-esteem factor)

Last on my list, get a new phone. This will also be long, so I'll save it for another post. Needless to say, they did not have the one I wanted in stock.
So, I try to leave. I get in FI's car, and the damn thing wouldn't start.
I drove FI's car all last year. It hates me. We put alot of money into it then. The car was paid for, so it's hard to get rid of. Well, today I told him to get a new one.

I finally get home and remember I have friends coming over to help with wedding stuff. I rush to clean, send FI to the liquor store and have a mini breakdown. But, by the time they got here, I was good.
And it was nice to be able to cross off some to-do list things.

Nothing like a couple of good friends, wine and pizza!

Who am I?

Wow...what a loaded question. How does one answer that?
Instead maybe it will be easier to say what I am doing in life right now.
Then over time maybe I'll figure out who I am.

I am a business owner. But, that is not doing so well. Yes, I should get off my ass and do some serious marketing, but I'm not good at selling myself. It would be easier to get a part-time job.

I'm a mom. I have 2 great kids. I'm sure I'll go on about them at some point, so I won't bore you with it now. And we have 2 dogs, 1 cat and some fish.

I'm a fiance, which leads to the most pressing thing I'm dealing with right now.........
I am planning a wedding. Only about 2 weeks left now. And really don't feel ready. In fact, I probably should be working on my wedding to do list right now.

Oh, did I mention I am a procrastinator??