Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ok, not in WR mood

I should be doing something.........but instead I'm here. Maybe you'd like to know what I have done?
Quite a bit, actaully.
-I got my dress, my first fitting was my final! She did an awesome job!
-I'm officially tanned, well tan enough anyway.
-I got my ring cleaned, FI got his sized
-Picked up the clothes from the cleaners.
-Here's a HUGE one, I finished my flowers. I have to show pix of Katie Sue's flowers, she was my inspiration!
-Bought all the stuff to make the bouts
-picked up marriage liscense application (which reminds me of a vent)
-confirmed and finalized everything with the WC and photog
-got the forms wrote for ex to get notorized. Only problem is he can't find a notary to sign them without me present, so we have to make a trip up there. About 2 1/2 hour drive.
-And here's the biggest one! I drove around all day looking for a wine decanter and couldn't find one I liked. The next day FI went to a couple places on his lunch break (without me asking or knowing) and found the PERFECT one!! How's that for a great FI?!?!?!

I think that's about it. I still need to make bouts, print some stuff, glue some stuff........have our civil ceremony in the states. Oh, and finish packing.

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Katie Sue said...

You are almost ready!!! WOOHOO!!! I am SO excited for you!!!

Thanks for the shout out, darling!