Friday, July 6, 2007

I have friends who live in my computer, do you?

I'm laughing at my IRL friends comment from my last post. I also have friends who live in my computer, so I need to keep that distinction there. I'm assuming those of you reading this probably also have friends that live in your computer, so you will understand. But, I have been lucky enough to actually meet several of my friends who live in my computer. Hmmm.......since I've met them, are they still those who live in my computer, or IRL friends??

I'm going to say that since I've only kept in touch with them by means of computer, they are still those that live in my computer.
I know most of them call each other and talk and all that, but I didn't jump on that boat. Unfortunately right before I met them I started having some medical issues and couldn't stay up all night and talk with them all. So, I didn't get as close as most of them did. This does make me sad and I am a little jealous, but there will be a next time. And.....I'm shy, but I tried really hard that weekend to not be! And.....

I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE! Am I alone in this?? I love talking IRL, and emailing, IMing and all that, but I hate the phone! Even with people I've known forever, but especially with people I don't know that well.

I hope all that didn't make me seem like a bitch or anything. I used to get called that alot, or people would say I thought I was too good for them. When that is not the case at all. I used to be extremely shy. I'm getting better over the years, but it's still there.
So, the next time you think someone is snotty or bitchy, stop and think, are they maybe just really shy???

Oh, and back to that medical problem. I'm hypoglycemic and have pre-diabetes. So, while we were out drinking and having a great time, I did start to crash after so many sugar filled drinks and had to go to bed. I'm much better at controlling this now. In fact, I have no problem drinking and staying up half the night anymore. I just had to learn how to do it. Which was actually quit simple..........just took some time to figure it out.

Maybe I should say who my friends are that live in my computer. I 'met' them all on a wedding planning website. Without those wonderful ladies and their support and encouragement, I'm sure I would have given up on my dream wedding a very long time ago. And I've gotten the greatest ideas from them! I can't wait to start posting about some of that!

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