Friday, July 6, 2007

My shitty monday this week.

It sucked. Big time.
It was supposed to be such a nice day. I got to sleep in, I only had 2 sits to do (I have a pet sitting business), and then I was spending the day doing wedding related errands.

Well, I slept just a touch longer than I should have. I jumped out of bed, threw on my workout clothes and headed out to the gym. But, what did I find in my driveway? A flat tire. Nice.

I'm going to back up to Sunday for a minute. I had to drive my fiance to get his car. (he left it at a friends after his bachelor party) As we're driving the low pressure light came on. So, we pull over and air up both back tires. Well, then it comes on again. So, we pull over again and now they are over inflated, so he lets some air out. Now we are on our way. No more problems.

Back to Monday. After 2 long hours I'm finally on my way. I got the van to the tire place and FI (fiance) brings me his car. I drop him off at work and refigure my schedule with a 2 hour delay. Thank goodness neither of my sits for the day are dogs. Kitties are okay with me being a little late. I get both visits done, rush to the alterations store with my wedding dress. Get a lecture for bringing it in so close to my date (did I mention I'm a procrastinator?), drop FI's clothes at the cleaners ( i tried to iron them myself, then realized some poor soul depended on me to stay in business),
and actually made it to my make-up trial on time! But, when I walked in she had just started a trial on someone else. Ummm......Excuse me, but I had an appointment! OK, so I have no patience. I sit down.

Do you guys have conversations with yourselves? My went like this "It's ok Stephanie, she is going to get done really soon." The I look at my watch and realize I'm about 7 minutes early. How in the hell can I be 7 minutes early when I started my day 2 hours behind?? Then I continue talking in my head, telling myself to calm down, I'm early, everything will be ok. Hey, I actually have time to relax, to sit down, not worry about being late, etc....and I can check my email on my handy dandy phone. (apparently I watched too much Blues Clues when my kids were younger)
By the time it is time for me, I am calm. They make-up lady was awesome! I got a massage and ended up spending $400 on new make-up. I felt great! We'll have a make-up post later.

Feeling sexy and like a new person, I head over to Victoria Secrets. They had some orange/pink nighties I wanted to get for the honeymoon. And I wanted one of those 100 ways bras. Well, to add to the shitty day, they didn't have anything in my size. (yes, trying to loose weight, so that did not help the self-esteem factor)

Last on my list, get a new phone. This will also be long, so I'll save it for another post. Needless to say, they did not have the one I wanted in stock.
So, I try to leave. I get in FI's car, and the damn thing wouldn't start.
I drove FI's car all last year. It hates me. We put alot of money into it then. The car was paid for, so it's hard to get rid of. Well, today I told him to get a new one.

I finally get home and remember I have friends coming over to help with wedding stuff. I rush to clean, send FI to the liquor store and have a mini breakdown. But, by the time they got here, I was good.
And it was nice to be able to cross off some to-do list things.

Nothing like a couple of good friends, wine and pizza!

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