Friday, July 6, 2007

Thursday this week

I'm getting caught up on my week!!
Ok, this was yesterday. I came home from my overnight sit, changed clothes, brushed teeth, had a shake and took FI to work. Then I went and did my other morning sits. When I get home, I'm all alone! Yes!! Back to normal.

FI calls me during the day to say that they got his car in today and we can go get it. So, I make sure to get all my stuff done before he gets off work. I also IM a friend to see if her DH (dear hubby) and her want to go see the fireworks tonight. Well, she is all excited but her DH doesn't want to stay up that late. He gets up around 3 am on Fridays. I would be the same way if I had to get up that early, but she ends up getting mad at him.
Mental note to self: Don't ask them to do anything on Thursday nights again.

So, I go pick up FI from work and we come home to get his car. Guess what? It started! Yay! So, we take it to the dealership to pick up our new Versa. Then we go out to Timberline for a good steak dinner. Of course the first steak they bring out was overdone, so FI made me send it back.
What does 'medium' mean to you? For me, and according to their menu, it means pink. Well, there was no pink, all dark. I have no idea how many times they spit on my second one, or what other unthinkables they did to it, but it was pink and juicy and very good!
Then we go see the fireworks. They did a very nice job. Not as nice as New York City, but for Kansas, it was good.

Then, I got to go home and sleep in my own bed. So nice.

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