Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's been almost 2 months.

I don't even know where to start!! Let's see.
In February, on DH's brothers' birthday, we found out his grandpa died. He had cancer, so we knew the time was coming, but it was still hard. We traveled out to middle Kansas for the funeral. It was nice seeing all his family. They are scattered about the country, so it's not often they are all together. We went bar hopping the first night we were there. Two bars. Let me tell ya, it was like being back home. Except I didn't know anyone. But everyone knew who we were right when we walked in the door. That's the thing about small towns. In fact, the next day at the funeral, the preacher came up to us and said he knew where we were last night. Startled the people who grew up in the city, but not me.

What next? My son's birthday was in early March! We did transformers theme. Pretty cool. He had fun and I got to eat cake! Yummy.....

I know I'm missing some stuff here. Oh, I got more hours at work. Yes, I'm still at the same place that I was ready to run from a couple months ago. That drama has smoothed over and I've moved on. Still get pissed when I think about it...........but life goes on. When my boss found out I was looking elsewhere, she offered me flextime. I can work 20-40 hours a week, basically coming and going as I please. I've added a lot more duties for myself and my title is now Legal Assistant/Accountant. So, the duties are more of what I want to be doing. She also gave me a $1/hour raise. I really couldn't not stay there. Flextime is awesome!! If my kids' need me, or if I have pet sits, I can go!

So, in turn, that means I am keeping my pet sitting business open. Still not taking new clients, but with the flexible hours, I can work full-time and still make money from my business. Which is needed to pay off the credit cards. Once those are paid, I will quit the business. I really want to work 8-5 Monday - Friday. I hate being all comfy at home in the evenings, only to have to leave to go let dogs' out to pee. And Kansas winters are not conducive to dog walking.

It has also led to the decision that I am going back to school. I have a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice, but will never again go back to that field. So, I'm going for a Bachelor's in Accounting, then my Master's, then I plan to take the CPA exam. It's definitely what I should be doing. I actually started college with that major, then for some still unknown reason, switched to Criminal Justice.

I think that may be it?? Until next time........