Friday, July 6, 2007

My Tuesday

Ok, since I didn't have time to work out or tan yesterday, I was going to make sure I got that in today. FI's alarm was going off, I politely tell him to get up. I didn't need to be up until 9 today.

Well, FI is out of the shower, getting dressed, and tells me he is not going to work today. WTF? I didn't put him in my plans, I didn't have to worry about him until after 5. Crap, now I'm wide awake, so I get up. Seems, FI is taking my comment from yesterday "get a new f*ing car" seriously. He calls into work and says he is car shopping. I remember his list of to-do's for the wedding and tell him to take care of those as well. That should keep him away until 5.

Since I'm up early, I do some invoicing and stuff. Of course FI decides he has to research cars before he can go anywhere. Like he hasn't been doing that for the last 3 years. I really think he did something to his car yesterday, knowing what my reaction would be if it broke down on me. (ok, I don't really think that)
So, while I'm attempting to get my work done, he keeps talking to me. Ughh....wasn't on my agenda for the day.

Finally, it's time to go to the gym! Then I go tan, then I start my sits. I call FI a couple times to see how things are going. He's been at the Nissan dealership for 3 hours.
At lunch time he wants to meet me so I can see the car he's about to buy. Not bad. Not what I would have went for, but not bad. A Nissan Versa. This one was a higher end model, they had to get the one he wanted from somewhere else. So, he has to wait until Friday to get his new car. In the meantime, I have to drive him to work. And life goes on......

After I'm done with my stuff and he is done with the dealership, we decide to go phone shopping for me. Again, this subject is long, and I'm still too pissed off about it, so another time.

I'm sleeping at a clients house tonight. Yes, people pay me to sleep at their house so their dogs aren't alone. I love it!

Oh, and FI's list of things to do today. Well, he had to drop his pants of to get altered, buy a belt and some shoes, and drop his ring off to get sized and mine to get cleaned. Well, he dropped his pants off but forgot to buy a belt and shoes. He took both rings to the jeweler, only to find a note on the door that they are closed until the 10th for inventory. Ughhh....they better be able to get his sized by the 18th!!

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