Friday, January 2, 2009

I am happy to say that I have some followers!

Bree started following me a month or so ago. To my knowledge, she is the first! I know other people read my blog, but she was the first to say she regularly follow me. She found me because I commented on one of her posts one day. I believe she was talking about procrastinating and I told her how I do it. Seems that we have a lot in common!

Next up was Sheri. I entered one of her contests and she came over to check me out. Seems she likes my blog too! Sheri does this and this. I'm still checking her out, she's got lots of cool stuff over there!

I need to thank Amanda and Katie Sue for having blogs that have a lot to do with reading. I found lots of cool blogs to follow through them. I've been able to expand my reading genre (or whatever) because of those two! I have gone from only mystery books to almost everything this past year!

I've had this blog for around a year now. It started out as wedding stuff, then a debt blog, then some personal stuff, then books. It has no real theme. Now I go all over the place! Which is why I thought I would never have anyone who keeps up. All those 'successful' blogs have one central idea. Oh well.

A successful blog. How do YOU define that?


Amanda said...

Oh I love your blog! I think a successful blog is one that makes you happy. Keep up the good job!

sheri said...

Thanks for including me!

A Novel Menagerie is mainly book reviews... but, will have weekly movie reviews as well.

Have a fantastic Saturday and keep up the awesome work!

a real librarian said...

Thanks for the shout out, hottie!!!