Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another update on Sebastian

I really should be doing my homework. I haven't done homework all week because I've been reading about bone cancer in dogs. So, here's a short update.

The vet was awesome, I'm so glad we drove up there. They ended up doing a chest x-ray first. This was assuming that is was cancer and to check to see if it spread. Bone cancer in dogs spreads quickly and usually straight to the lungs. If it had spread to the lungs, there would have been no point in doing a biopsy, because it would have been too late for anything. And the x-ray was cheaper.

The x-ray was clear of cancer. But, there was a small bullet fragment!!! Someone shot my dog! This had to have been before we got him. It could explain why the shelter had no history on him, as some random person picked him up and took him there. If I ever find out who did that.................

So, since the lungs were clear of cancer, we proceeded with the biopsy. The vet was a bit miffed, but that's ok. The biopsy results will be in by next Tuesday. And we discovered something else.................that leads us to think it's not even cancer.

When we got home last night, we thought our other dog looked like she's lost weight too. Our son is the one responsible for feeding them. It seems that he forgets sometimes. So, that explains the weight loss. He is no longer feeding them, we are.

It was the weight loss that had me convinced that the mass in his leg was cancer. Now that we can pretty much rule that out.........................of course, I have no idea what it could be if it's not cancer.

Oh and here is a breakdown of our day yesterday:
Drive to Kansas City: $40
Trip to the vet: $815
Watching a huge dog on morphine? Priceless.

I've got some pictures, wish I had a video camera. I can't take the time to post them now, but I will try this weekend. He was frickin' hilarious!!

Ok, off to do homework.


ANovelMenagerie said...

This is fantastic news! Why was the vet miffed? I don't understand.

The only bummer was the $815 vet bill. that's ridiculous!

Prayin' for Sebastian!


Stephanie said...

He was miffed because the weight loss doesn't usually happen until the cancer has spread to the lungs.