Saturday, January 10, 2009

In my mailbox today:

These arrived in my mailbox today!!

I've just glanced through "I Like You", and OMG! It is freakin' hilarious! EVERY woman should get this! I may just end up trying some of the recipes! You see, I have this problem with cookbooks. I buy them. I put them in the cabinet with the rest of them. The End. I never look at them again. But this one, I will be looking at!

This is our bookclub book for April.

I don't remember where I saw this, but someone blogged a review and it looked great. I think I'll be reading it soon, as I need something light.

Since we have our exercise room set up, I may just use these!! I kinda have the same problem with workout stuff as I do with cookbooks. But, don't you just love how I keep putting all these but's in everywhere? But, I've been doing alot of working out lately and I plan to continue with it.

Thanks Amazon!!

Last week I recieved this book:

I won it from Luanne over at A Bookworm's world!! Be sure to check her out!

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