Thursday, January 15, 2009

Audio Books??

I don't understand this. I've seen lots of posts and giveaways for audio books lately. Does that really count as reading?

How long does an audio book last? Is it faster than reading?

Doesn't your attention get distracted while your driving? I would think you would pay more attention to a story than some random stories/songs on the radio.

There are times when I'm reading that I reread a section, to let my imagination digest it more. Does your imagination work as well when you listen to an audio book?

I'm not dissing audio books in anyway, just saying I don't understand them.

Maybe I need to enter some of those giveaways and try it out for myself.

Is there anyone out there who doesn't like them? Why not?

For those that do like them, why?


jaime said...

I love audiobooks, in addition to my regular reading. I'm in my car for almost an hour and a half every workday, and being able to listen to books helps me experience so many more stories! I don't have any problems with concentration.

Amanda said...

I have a love/hate relationship with audio books. I read a lot faster than they read so I know it'll take me a lot longer to get through an audio book than if I read the book. But they are good for road trips, long drives, doing something stationary (like knitting, etc.). I sometimes check out an audio book through the library online. It plays on your computer and now most play on iPods and MP3 players. If I'm listening on my computer while I'm doing work I tend to have problems with concentration. You should definitely give one a try.

Bree said...

I an only tolerate audiobooks on the rare occasion. If the speaker's voice sounds odd, then off goes the book. Audiobooks just can't duplicate the feel of holding a book. They do help on car trips but for around the city, it gets too broken up and I wind up sitting in the car listening to it.

bermudaonion said...

Audio books don't take any less time to read. I have one on my iPod right now and listen to it when I clean, cook, walk, etc. I have gotten distracted before, but have no problem picking back up.

Anonymous said...

I can read a book faster than I can listen to an audio book. I never cared for audios. They put me to sleep, and then my schedule changed where I was on the road three or more hours five days a week. Drivers here are INSANE and I felt myself one ball of nerves. The idea of audio books came to mind and that's how it began.

I am A.D.D., so at the beginning I was rewinding more than I was listening. Once I trained myself to listen, it saved my sanity. That was four years ago. Now I'll listen when I do other types of chores I don't like as well as when I have to stay for the kid's activities.

If I had never been on the road, I'd have never turned to audio. Before then, I was like you. I didn't get it. Now I do, but again, the need surfaced.

I hope this makes sense. Audio books aren't for everyone. But like regular books, I am addicted to them.

ANovelMenagerie said...

I talked about you in my sunday salon post today.

I've never listened to an audiobook.