Sunday, January 18, 2009

How my week went.........

It was super busy!! I'm glad I did a bunch of posts last Sunday and scheduled them to post throughout the week.

I'm pretty sure we had some kids' activity every night. And we had to buy another new TV. Remember in December when I needed a new TV for the Wii we were getting? And I decided 32" ones were too expensive just to be put in the basement for the Wii? So we ended up getting a new 42" for the upstairs and moved the one we had to the downstairs?

Well, after I got done working out on Monday, my daughter went down to play the Wii. Pretty soon she's yelling that the TV is broke. I thought she threw one of the remotes into it, like people have been know to do. Nope, she didn't do anything. It just died.

So, we were on the search for a 32" again. And again I decided they were too expensive. Why spend more on a 32" than a 42"?? Yes, I found another great deal. And we bought a 42" for the Wii. This was 5 days AFTER all my friends came over for some rockband action! Guess it's time for another get-together!

I also bought my books for school. $460 for 3 frickin classes!!! INSANE!! Luckily the 4th class doesn't require a book.

Classes start on Tuesday:
International Business
Cost Accounting

Don't expect to hear from me much! I will try to keep up with ya'll though.

I was honored to be mentioned in Sheri's blog. I'm doing one of her challenges. I'll be putting my books on the site soon, it's on my to-do list!
And Sheri, I don't think you will be my neighbor. You see, I'm a city girl. I don't do farms anymore. Maybe I'll talk about my days of living on a farm as a young girl sometime. I hated it. I will never go back. But, if you can change that dream around a little and move to the city, that would be awesome!!
Be sure to check out her post and all the other blogs she mentioned!!

Oh, and even with the expenses above, happy to say that there has not been any credit card use!!!!! Gotta love the emergency savings fund! I also was able to send some money to my mom this month. She had some unexpected medical bills that she was having problems with. I hate my ex step-dad.

Oh, he had nothing to do with the medical bills. That just came out as I was typing. I should probably delete it, but I don't feel like it. Maybe someday I'll do into his story. He was a great dad while I was growing up, but he changed a few years ago. 'Nough said for now.

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