Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What will I do today?

Well, I have an early morning sit. The same one that I showed the picture for last night. His name is Jack. His mommy has put so much work into him. He was found at some junkyard place in MO. He was quite the wild thing from what I was told. He still can be, but his mommy has trained him well. He is such a joy.

He has 2 toys, "stick" and "donut". He prefers stick, but we play with both. I make him stay, then I go hide one or both toys, then tell him which one to go find. It's so much fun!!

Then I get to run home, shower and get ready for my office job. I will be there from 8-12. After I get off, I have 3 kitty sits to do and stop at Lowe's to get some more primer. Then I get to have lunch.

Around 4 pm, I get to go see Jack again. Him mom will be home later tonight, so that will be my last visit.

I'll get home around 5 pm, to cook supper and then hopefully we can prime the walls. We'll have to make sure the ceiling is dry enough first.

I need to take pictures of all my kitties today......maybe I'll have time to post them tonight. I think that will become a new regular part of my blogging, talking about my day and posting pix of the great doggies and kitties I get to play with.

( I love it when I hit 'check spelling' and it tells me 'no mispellings found')

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