Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Painting....we finally started (and steaks)

So, last weekend was busy. I had 9 sits to do that day. So, I got up around 6:30, did 2 sits, went to Home Depot to get supplies. When I got home around 10, I laid the black tarp stuff down on the floors and started scraping the ceiling. I decided since I was painting, I might as well get a flat ceiling. You see, we have those 'cottage cheese' or 'popcorn' ceilings. And I HATE those!

Boy, did I make a mess. I got about half the hallway done, then it was time to do my lunch time sits, 3 of them. I got home around 2, and scraped away at the ceiling. The mess just got bigger and bigger. Now it's time for my supper time sits, 2. I get home around 6. The ceiling is done and it's clean up time. So, I get everything cleaned up.

You might be asking where is DH in all of this? Well, last weekend when we came home, we noticed the gutter on one side of the house had fallen down. The wood that the gutter was nailed into was rotted. So, on Saturday DH was outside with his dad replacing the wood. Total cost? $100.00 They had to get all new wood, sealant, primer and paint. Of course the sealant takes a few days to dry. So, we just have wood put up, not painted and no gutter. It's only one side of the house though.

So, after we get done cleaning up our projects, we decide we are in need of some food and alcohol. Of to Texas Roadhouse. The best steak in town.

You would think living in Kansas with all these wonderful cows around that we'd have lots of good steak places. Right? Wrong!! There are only 2 places in town that I will eat steak.
The worst steak I've ever had was actaully in Vegas. Gross! Wish I could remember the name of the place to warn y'all. It's on the old strip, or old downtown, whatever it's called.
The best place I've ever had steak was in New York. Gosh, that was good. I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it. Are there cows in New York? Or does their meat come from Kansas? Now that would be funny!

Ok, back to painting. So, on the way to Texas Roadhouse, we stopped for another sit. DH usually waits in the car when I do this. It saves time to just do them on the way to wherever we are.
And after we ate, we stopped for my last sit of the day, then went home and crashed.

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