Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Hallway is painted!

Oops, guess I should have rotated the picture first. This is the beginning of the walls getting painted.
The dark color is the primer. The lighter color is the old.
I don't know what that green is at the bottom.
It's all painted!
You can see in this one, we primed the trim with pure white. We haven't done anything to the door, yet. What a nasty difference in color. When we get it all painted white, it should look really good.

Next, after the walls are good and dry, we are painting the trim pure white. Right now they are an off white. And we are buying all new interior doors, the ones that are already white. The outside door won't be replaced, we're just going to paint it white. Maybe some year we'll get a new one.

After the trim/doors are done, I will put the picture frames back up. But first, I'm painting all those frames white. At the suggestion of someone who saw my before pictures on here.

We feel so accomplished! The kitchen is cleaned, the living room put back together, our hallway walls look awesome, and all our wedding gifts have finally found homes.

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