Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ok, so awhile back I posted that we found this site that you could upload pictures of your rooms and put whatever color on them. Sounds great! And the cost? Only $4.95. Considering we are doing almost every room in our house, we decided it was well worth $5.

Until we paid it. We tried to use the site. Horrible!! I don't advise anyone using this unless they have at least an hours' worth of patience for each picture. I personally don't have 5 minutes worth of patience.

We even called the costumer support. They flat out told us it takes up to 45 minutes for the picture to load correctly.

I did however find some time one day. I used the color we already painted our hallway with. Just to see if it was accurate. NOT! It did not look anything similar to what we did.

So, don't waste your $5.00, just go to the store and get the samples.


Sarah said...

man! that sucks! i thought it was such a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

I also paid the $5.00 and uploaded my own digital photos. Totally a waste of time and the money even though it wasn't much. The colors were very inaccurate.