Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Way bigger project than expected

I always do this. I think I can get something done in a certain amount of time, and I ALWAYS underestimate. The only thing I got done on Saturday was scraping the ceiling. Of course, if I didn't have to leave every couple hours, I probably would have gotten more done.

So, on Sunday we putty the holes in the walls and ceiling, sandpaper them and all the walls (they had texture paint on them before) and clean them. That took all day.

I had one sit in the morning, and one in the afternoon. We also had to go get the kids from their dads.

On Monday, we relaid the floor covers taped stuff up, and primed the ceiling and small areas on the walls. Then it was bedtime.

Before house time, I worked that morning, had one kitty sit, took Sebastian to the vet, and dropped my son off for scouts.

On Tuesday we actually got to paint. We painted the ceiling. That was it. Then it was bedtime. We really couldn't paint the walls because we the ceiling was wet and we couldn't tape it.

He's painting so fast, you can hardly see the roller.

Before house time, I had a Dr. appt, 2 kitty sits, and worked in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, I get to relax! We're afraid the ceiling might not be dry enough to start on the walls. And honestly, I haven't even picked the color. But, we do have to prime it first.

I worked this morning, had 2 kitty sits, and a dentist appt. I have one bedtime doggy to take care of tonight. If I didn't have that, I would be enjoying a nice cold one right now.

This is the doggy I get to play with tonight!

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