Thursday, September 6, 2007

TTD Video!!

Can I just say how great these guys are?!?!?!? Our reception is this weekend. We did the TTD around 3 weeks ago, and they ALREADY have our video done!!!! So, we get to show it off at the reception!
(let's just hope my dress is cleaned by then and it will all be perfect!)

Scroll done towards the bottom of their blog to see our video! It's absolutely amazing! You can't leave comments on their blog, but feel free to give them some love on my blog. They will be reading it!!

Be sure to have your volume on!

1 comment:

A Real Librarian said...

OMG!! You are a MOVIE STAR!!! I LOVE this video!!!

Oh, and I am so totally jealous - I want to do a TTD session SO bad, but I know DH would never go for it.

Congrats, darling - I know you are SO PUMPED about the pics and the video!!