Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer school is over, and I survived! But, I am not Super Woman.

I really expected to get A's in these classes. My first degree was easy. I'm not sure if it was the school, or the teachers, or what the deal was, but I got 2 B's and the rest were A's. That was my Criminal Justice degree. And most of them were 8 week classes. So, I went into this new degree expecting everything to be as simple as the last. It's is not. This summer kicked my ass.

I took a 4 week Microeconomics, a 4 week Macroeconomics, and an 8 week Managerial Accounting class. Did I mention they kicked my ass??

After a discussion with some friends last night, I think I realized why my new classes got B's. And why my ass was kicked. The Criminal Justice degree was a bull shit degree. A lot of paper writing and essays. I could write whatever and eventually touch on something that got me some credit.
An Accounting degree is not like that. I'm not going to be able to bull shit my way through it.

This was my schedule for June/July:
6 am, (sometimes earlier) get up and ready, go do any pet sits.
7 am Work at the Law Firm (except on Fridays, I had a test every Friday and stayed home to study)
9:30 am - go to Economics (every day of the week)
12 pm - do any pet sits and snarf some sort of food down
1 pm - back to the office
5 pm - any pet sits
6 pm - study/eat
7-10 pm on Monday and Wednesday Accounting class
other night, studying, writing papers, reading Wall Street Journal, taking online quizzes (2 per week), reading and making note cards so i would remember something.
10 pm - pet sits and then bed
(notice I did not mention kids. They were at their dad's for the summer)

I did this for 8 weeks. I had 2 serious breakdowns. I have decided that I am not superwoman and that something has to give. I will be closing my business soon. My business insurance is up in September, so that is looking like a good date. I cannot continue this way. And with the kids being here for school, life is going to give me as much studying time.

It's a hard decision to give up something that I started from scratch. This is MY business, something I accomplished, and now something I am giving up on. It's also something that controls my life. I work everyday, every weekend, starting at 6 am and ending at 10 pm, every holiday. It's stressful on my family when they want to go do something, but I can't because I can't take off. So, this is the part of my life that needs to go.

So, maybe fall semester will be a little more manageable without the business. Let's hope anyway.

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