Thursday, August 14, 2008

During my school break

I'm not a person to just do nothing. If I do nothing, I become really lazy and really just do nothing. So, to keep myself from becoming lazy during this little break before fall classes start, I decided it was time to paint another room. Keep in mind we are still working on the backyard, of which pictures are due.

But, I'm at work and can't post pictures now.

The room that we choose was my daughters room. It was great when we bought the house, but she has informed me that she is not a little girl anymore and needs to tween room. So, here we go.

Amanda over at Life and Times of a "New" New Yorker is having a book give away. It looks like a great book to expand my readying horizon with. She also suggested to me that I try The Last Summer (of You and Me). I will take her up on that suggestion.


A Real Librarian said...

I second The Last Summer (of you and me)!!!!! I read it on Amanda's recommendation and LOVED it!!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for entering my contest. Good Luck