Sunday, August 31, 2008

Preparing to paint daughters room.

This is very annoying. For whatever reason, blogger rotated some of my pictures. And I can't drag them to be in order.
Well, the first picture is of her ceiling. See the 'cottage cheese' ceiling? I hate those!! It will be gone soon. Oh, and those lights? They will be gone too.

Here is a toy I picked up. It doesn't work that great. But, it does lessen some of the mess.
I'm doing some finishing touches.
That is one of her walls. That is how many fickin' holes were in her walls.
We put in recessed lighting.
Some of her crap in the hallway.
More of her crap in the entry way.
And more of her crap in my sons' room.

What her room looked like. Why did it rotate?????

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