Sunday, August 24, 2008

A review of my New Years goals.

Without looking at them, I would like the think that I have done fairly well. In January, I posted a list of goals, things I wanted to improve in, start doing, etc.... I tried to pick some that were reasonable.

Now, lets see how I'm doing.

1. Read more. I think I've done well with this one. I'm not sure how many books I've read, I guess I could start tracking that. But, I know I've tried several new authors and I have enjoyed them all.

2. Pay down debt. We have done great with this one!! And we continue to work on this one. It will be a little harder now that I have closed my business and that income is gone, but we will still stay on track.

3. Do more family oriented stuff. We've been spending more time playing games and stuff. We also came up with a fun and free activity that we have been doing on Sunday afternoons. We go to open houses. The kids love it! We started this because we wanted to see some of the other houses in our area and compare them to ours. We are doing several home improvements and want to make sure they are reasonable for our area. We also want to get an idea what we can list our house for when the time comes. So far things are looking good!

4. Try not to get pissy with DH on all the traveling he is going to be doing. He's not here to ask, but I think I have been better.

5. Meet more people. Yes, I have meet some new people.

6. Stop watching so much TV. TiVo makes this really hard.

7. Volunteer more. No, I still suck at this one.

8. Start going to church. Yes, we have been going once or twice a month. I'm even transferring my membership from my home church. That is huge for me.

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