Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My week ahead............

Ok, so today is Tuesday, and I came across this blog and it encouraged me to put my week down on paper (or in this day and age, the Internet) I've kind of done this on my own a few times, but never really stuck with it.......

Tuesday........I already took my daughter to her new school, first day. I took the morning off work because she only has a half day and I will be picking her up at 11:30. I have a lot of stuff to do during this little 'break' i have.
I drafted my 'closing my business' letter
I made labels to send said letter to all my clients
I am in the process of catching up on all the blogs I read.
I need to do payroll
I need to get a bank deposit ready and take it to the bank
I need to balance my checking account.
I need to make a 'weekly' menu for our house.
I did call the Dr. and make an appointment for a sports physical for my daughter, she decided to play volleyball.
I have some forms I need to fill out for both kids' schools.
Then I need to pick up my daughter, feed her, and take her to work with me. (she did a bunch of filing for me yesterday, very nice!)
After work, I need to go by Parker and buy her some uniforms.
Then we will come home, eat supper and I will continue to work on her room.
No reading for today

A full day of work.
Working on daughters room
Hopefully have some time to read.
Finish stuff from Tuesday's list that I didn't get done because I was typing this.
Remember to have son take trash out.

A full day of work
Hopefully FINISH daughters room
Get ready for college classes that start tomorrow

I have 3 pet sits today
A full day of work
Calculus class
Marketing class
DH will take kids to their dads for the weekend while I am in class

There we go!! Let's see if this works out!

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Anonymous said...

Yay, thanks for joining us! Just think how fun it will be to read the little book blurbs each day if you win the calendar (I know, I could say that sticking to plan is motivation enough, but I know I need to reward myself)

I've fallen off my meal-planning wagon this summer, but I'm usually very good at it. I plan meals on Sunday night (and write them down, not just in my head, complete with side dishes ...usually salad). Then I do a *big shop* on Monday when the kids are in school. If I have to restock anything during the week it should be a quick run to the grocery store.

My kids start back the week after Labor Day, so check back and see if I'm back on track with this :) Good luck to your daughter for her first week back at school!