Thursday, January 17, 2008

What goes around, comes around

And it came around fairly quickly this time.

So, in regards to my previous know about my boss screwing over my husband and telling him what he should and shouldn't charge for and all that.

Well, today she got served. Small Claims Court. A previous client payed her almost $5,000 for her to research his case, meet with him and then decide she could not represent him. She referred him to another attorney. Well, this guys wants his money back, for services not rendered!

She went on for 40 minutes today. "I did that work, I deserve that money. I will win this, the judge will realize I did the work and deserve to be paid for it."

It was so hard for me to keep my mouth shut, but I did. I so wanted to say "why yes, people who work should be paid for what they did".

I know she sees no connection in this though. But, I did and it made me feel better. Of course now I'm worried that DH really won't get paid, because she is going to set aside this money in case she doesn't win.

She's supposed to pay us tomorrow, we'll see.

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A Real Librarian said...

You said it best - what goes around, comes around!!!