Monday, January 7, 2008

How did my weekend goals go? Shitty.

I got this done from my list
1. laundry
2. kids chores
5. print reports for business taxes, but haven't reviewed them
11. clear off desk

I also sorted mail, updated invoices, updated my website (kinda), and filled out permission slips and wrote checks for kids school activities. Kinda cleaned the kitchen.

So, this weeks goals are
1. payroll/taxes
2. organize reports for taxes
3. take daughter shopping
4. get DH and son to clean fish tank
5. go to home depot for new blinds
6. balance checking accounts
7. pay bills
8. make banana bread
9. update mileage driven last year to write off on taxes
10. reveiw credit cards
11. finish deep cleaning kitchen
12. go to social security office and change name

I'm also going to simplify meals. I'm going to to make 6 meals, then freeze them and thaw/bake when needed! It saves a ton of time and the cost is not that high, about what I would pay anyway.

This will give me more time for family and to keep my house organized.

I also came across this website this weekend. I'm still reading through some of it, but it looks like it might help me organize my time/house. I'll keep you up to date on it. The partial kitchen cleaning I did was cleaning my sink, as talked about on the website.

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