Monday, January 7, 2008

I forgot a goal!

I went out with my girls group on Saturday. There was supposed to be a couple new ladies there, but they did not show. There were a couple however that I haven't spent much time getting to know.

It was a very nice evening. We started at P.F. Chang's then went to a nice and quiet bar to finish our evening. We were having such a great time talking away, that we couldn't believe it when they were kicking us out at closing time.

Sorry, no pictures...........

Oh, and DH returned from Minnesota on Friday. I broke a goal that night. We went out to eat, and spend $60 on the credit card. Damn me. But, it did count as family time!! Do you think one good and one bad cancels each other out?? I learned that somewhere, and I think I'll apply it to that night.

DH will be home until the 21st, then it's off to China for 2 weeks. But. I. am. not. pissy. about. it. Not at all.

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