Monday, January 14, 2008

Ok, so I probably shouldn't put this out on the www, but oh well. I'm too pissed to think straight.

So, I've been working for this company part-time. When I started they were complaining about the way the IT stuff was set up (server, etc...), so I mistakenly told them my DH does IT stuff on the side.

Well, they hired him in December. Told him they wanted a new server, and all new computers. They wanted it done in December. Well, since this is his side job, he explained it would NOT be done in December. He can only work in the evenings and on weekends. He tells them how much he charges an hour, and gives them an estimate on how many hours this will take, but explains that things do go wrong and it may take longer.

So, they say ok. He orders all the stuff. When it finally arrives, he starts working. Apparently he had issues with the back up software that was supposed to work with the new server. So, he sent it back and ordered another one.

After one month of work, he sends them a bill with a detailed list of what he has done, what still needs to be done, and an estimate on when it will be done,(depending on how long it takes the new software to get here)

My boss calls him into the office. Totally tells him how he should do things (things he has been doing for years). Says he should charge a flat fee for this kind of stuff, cuz she flat fees people (which is bull).
1. Have you ever heard of any IT stuff being a flat fee?
2. she does flat fee some minor things, but if she knows it will take time it is hourly.

She says he should not charge her for the extra work he had to do trying to make the software work. Ummm....she charges her clients for any research she does and everything else (she is a lawyer) AND, mind you, he did credit her 5 hours for all the problems he ran into, which he only did because it was my boss. He has never done this before.

She almost wasn't going to pay him. She demanded to know exactly how much longer it would be. Ummm.....he has no idea. He knows about how much more time if everything works right. But, if there are more problems, there is no way to tell. She says everything should work right if it is done right and she should never have any problems again. Umm...HELLLO!!! Computers are problems waiting to happen! That's why the IT field is there.

She still demands a time. He finally told her 10 hours. That is all he is getting paid for, no matter how much time it takes. Normally he would have told someone like that to find someone else.

But, I was put in the middle. There is no way my boss would have told anyone else that. But, since I work for her, and this is my DH, she apparently thinks she can. My poor DH didn't want any ramifications on my part to come of this. So, he agreed to the 10 hours and left.

He will finish this project, but he will not support her in the future.

Hell, even a plumber gives estimates and if it takes longer, you pay more. It's how the world works. Hell, it's what my boss does. I've had my share of her clients complaining about the high bills.

I will find another job.
I won't work for someone who feels like they can take advantage of my family.

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