Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This is the stupidest thing ever!

Ok, so I just opened up one of my credit card statements, the one with the lowest interest rate but the highest interest. We only pay the minimum amount due on this, because of the low interest rate. We pay the high interest rate cards more than the amount due.

Well, this card with 5.99%, just got raised to 16.97%!!!!! WTF!!

DH is on the phone with them and they are saying because we have so much other credit card debt and because we only pay them the minimum due, they raised our rate. How the hell does that help us?!?!?!

They are currently reviewing our account to see if they can go back to the old rate. Yeah right. Whatever. Fuck you.

Now I'm more than ever determined to pay this shit off. I can't believe we were so stupid in the first place to do all this. Last year at this time we owed $10,000. Now it's way more. In just one year. Most of it was the wedding. We should have saved up.

Anyone reading this, learn from the mistakes of others.........


Rochelle said...

Oh that SUCKS!! I only have 2 and am keeping it that way. Good luck!

Rhonda said...

I feel your pain. One of my credit card companies sold me to another company....and they so nicely doubled my rate. Assholes! I can't wait to get out of cc debt!