Thursday, January 31, 2008

How my goals went for January.

1. Read more. This one is going good. Right now I'm reading No Girl Needs a Husband Seven Days a Week. It's not too bad. Way out of my usual reading league. Most parts are funny, but there are some I'm having difficulty getting past.

2. Pay down debt. This one is also going well. We have not used our credit cards at all this month. And we paid $2,100.00 on them!

3. Do more family oriented stuff. This one was hard. Since DH was gone 1/2 the month and DD has been grounded, there hasn't been much opportunity.

4. Try not to get pissy with DH Well, I think I've done well with this. I haven't had time to be pissy.

5. Meet more people. I don't think I actually met anyone new. But, I did have a couple nights out with friends. One girls' night and one with everyone.

6. Stop watching so much TV. This one was really easy. It seems DH is the TV hound in the house! I haven't hardly watched anything since he's been gone!

7. Volunteer more. Nope. They even had a recertification test for therapy dogs this month and I missed it. I haven't set up a schedule for anything.

8. Start going to church. Haven't gone. NO excuses.

In all, I don't think that's too bad. The credit card one was huge for me. And I'm taking the next step to help with that by getting another part-time job. I have another interview tomorrow!! I talked to her on the phone today, and I think it went well. Hopefully it will be just as easy in person.

Next month I will try to focus more on the last 2. If I at least get started, that will count for something.

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Mary said...

I think you're doing really well - that's a big list to tackle!