Sunday, January 13, 2008

This is a pretty big football weekend

As most of you know, Denver is my #1 team. But, I also have a back up team, the Colts.

The Colts started the season off great, went undefeated for awhile (I don't know my stats, and don't care to know them, but I still like to talk). Their winning streak was broken by the only team who is now undefeated. The Patriots. I loath the Patriots. But, there might be some sweet revenge soon.

The Patriots won yesterday(of course). While I've been screaming for them to lose, it may be nice that they haven't yet.

If the Colts win today.............then they play the Patriots again. Then whoever wins that game goes to the Super Bowl. I think it would be great if the Colts broke the Patriots winning streak....since it was the Patriots that broke theirs. And then left the Patriots in the dust to go on to win the Super Bowl!

Up until right now....yes right very now......I was 100% sure that the Colts would win today and that they would go on to take the Patriots down. But, now, at half-time I'm just not so sure.
Manning is not doing well. I lost track of how many incompletes he has thrown. 2 of those ended up as interceptions. It is now 14-10, Colts losing.

Manning isn't the only one making mistakes, the Chargers have had a share of their own. Let's hope the Chargers keep messing up, and let's all pray for Manning to get his damn arm working again!

Can I curse in the same sentence that I'm asking you all to pray in??

Ok, back to watching the game.

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