Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Christmas budget

I thought I was doing great with our budget for Christmas. We budgeted $800. This is for our two kids, and 9 other adults. We are now at $986. Oops.

I forgot to put the presents to us from the kids, stocking stuffers and the grandparents when I did the budget.

We averaged $80/couple, $50/grandparent, $100/kid, $100 in family Santa gifts/stockings, and $300 for the big Santa gift. (we normally don't do a big Santa gift, but caved in this year)

Our big Santa gift this year is the Wii. We played it a few times at friends houses and loved it. The Wii fit is awesome!! I can't wait to play with it!

So, any money that DH gets from his side business this month will go to our Christmas oops, instead of towards the credit card bills.

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