Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One more Christmas gift.

I couldn't resist. I became obsessed! I had to have one!
The whole reason I agreed to get a Wii was because I wanted the Wii Fit.

We got the Wii. I thought I could wait for the Wii Fit. But after seeing that they were almost impossible to get at regular price, I became determined to get one by Christmas.

I took some time..........and lots of moments when I thought I had one, but it disappeared......but I have one now!!

I just ordered off of Amazon, for the regular price. Should be here by Christmas!!

If you are trying to get one, sign up for alerts.
amazon text sign up

There are more out there, but these were the most reliable.
I listed them in order of when they sent me the last deal.

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Amanda said...

Amazon rocks! I'd bought MIL a wii for Christmas & wished I'd known about the alerts before paying more $$$. I did sign up for the Wii Fit alerts & will be getting one for Christmas too! :)