Sunday, December 21, 2008

Update on 2008 goals

Well, I went back to read my 2008 goals. I forgot a couple, but it looks like I did pretty good!

1. Read more. CHECK! I've read a ton and really expanded what I read.
I read the Twilight series. I wasn't going to, but my friends basically forced me. I love them for that.
A Rare and Curious Gift is something I would not have picked, but I'm really enjoying it.
Jen Lancaster.............I really did not like her book. Something about a prada bag. I don't even want to remember the name.
Eat, Pray, Love..........I haven't finished it, but it was a really good book. I started it in the summer, and haven't finished it. I think it's a summer read. But, it is on our bookclub list for April so I need to get it done!
David Sedaris. I read Holidays on Ice and LOVED it! I'm defiantly going to check out his other books.
There were more, but I can't remember. They should be in my Library Thing sidebar.

2. Pay down debt. CHECK! We are doing great on this. We could have done better, but since we like to spend money so much.......we gave ourselves rewards. If we wouldn't have done the rewards, we would not have kept up with the payoffs. Our rewards for this year were the new Camera, Elliptical machine, TV, and Wii.
The camera gets tons of use, but I do need to get some pictures posted!!
The elliptical machine has been used alot. I did it every morning last week and plan to continue. It should soon be a habit!
The new TV was not planned, but a great deal we could not pass. We really wanted just a small one to put downstairs for the new Wii. But we found a 42" LCD for only $600. Just a couple hundred more than a smaller one. Paid in cash.

3. Do more family stuff. CHECK! We found a very fun and free activity this summer. We went to open houses on the weekends. As a family we discussed what features we wanted in a new house and what we did not like. We also discussed prices, advantages/disadvantages of certain areas, taxes, insurance, interest rates on loans, the national housing crisis, and anything else that came up. I think our kids have a new appreciation of our current house and now realize what goes into owning a home. They loved it!

4. Not get pissy about DH travels. This was so easy in the second part of the year. He hasn't gone anywhere since the summer.

5. Meet new people. CHECK! One of my friends started a book club. I expanded it by starting a group for it. Lots of new people have joined, but only 2 have came to the meetings. I expect this to increase after the holidays. The 2 ladies I did meet were great! This also ties into me meeting my reading goal.

6. Stop watching so much TV. OOPS! Even with my schedule being so busy, I still watch alot of TV.

7. Volunteer more. OOPS! I promise that once the new Humane Society is built, I will do this. With the gas prices up this year and my schedule getting so full, it was really hard to drive all the way down there. I know there are other places that could use my time, but this is where I want to do it at.

8. Go to Church more. CHECK! We go twice a month. Our daughter even goes to the school at our church now. This time last year, I would have never thought that possible. It is such a great school and we have a completely new daughter out of the deal. It has been so good for her.

9. Blog more. I'm off and on for this one. But I think I'm doing ok. I just need to do more pictures!!


S. Krishna said...

Hey Stephanie, I just wanted to let you know that you won a copy of Matrimony by Joshua Henkin at my blog! Send me your address at skrishna [st] skrishnasbooks [dot] com and I'll forward it to Josh - congrats!

Bree said...

I love doing goals too. Looks like you achieve the majority of yours. I typically have so many on my list that its impossible to achieve all of them. I have that Jen Lancaster book on my list to read in 2009 along with Eat, Pray Love (as I bought them spring of 2008, I should read them sometime). TV - love it. There are so many good shows on how can a person stop watching??? I don't get it. Plus with as busy as my life it (and it sounds like yours), its nice to have a mindless activity. Going to church - great goal. Twice a month with kids is awesome. This was my goal last year and I achieved it, of course I slacked off this year so I have to put it on my list for 2009 again. Volunteering - that's always hard fitting that in, especially when you have school, work, kids, husband. It always comes last. The thing I have always hated about volunteering is when organizations beg for volunteers, you organize your day around the timing, then you get there and they have so many people, all you do is stand around. It pisses me off so I really watch the type of volunteering I do anymore. Anyways, congrats on achieving most and good luck forming 2009's goals.