Sunday, December 7, 2008

the week ahead

Ok, here goes. I love how inconsistent I am with this :(

Today is Sunday. I worked on my Calculus until I couldn't figure anything else out. My final is on Wednesday. I started and completed my research paper and powerpoint for the oral presentation. My goal for tomorrow is to loose my voice so I can't do it. I should be working on some of my Algebra right now, but my brain hurts and I have more time in that class.

Be sure to grab all homework/food for the day, as I won't be home until bedtime.
Take Alex to school, be at work by 8:15.
11:00, leave for class, go to Calculus and then Algebra. Last day of Calculus before the Final.
1:45 be back at work.
5:00 Leave for Alex's basketball game
6:30 hope the game is over so I can head to class.
DH is taking son to boy scouts.
7:00 English. Present oral report and turn in paper.
9:30 go home and crash.

For some
reason my italic and bold would not turn off there.
Alex to school and be to work by 8:15.
12:00 leave for Algebra class
1:45 be back to work
6:45, leave work, pick up Alex from basketball practice
7:15 eat supper, study for Calculus final, work on Algebra problems
If you're wondering why I am taking Calculus and Algebra at the same time, don't ask me. My only answer is that my advisor sucks.

what is
up with this bold thing??
Again, Alex to school and maybe be at work by 8:15. I may take off to study.
11:00 leave for class
11:30 Calculus Final
12:30 Algebra
1:45 back to work
6:00 home, eat and study for Algebra final. check grades for Calculus final and see if I have to retake it. It's pretty awesome of our teacher to give us this option!!!

Alex to school, work by 8:15
12:00 leave for Algebra class.
1:45 back to work
5:15 Jenny Craig to weigh in, crap I'm supposed to exercise 2ce this week. I promise I will get up early and do this!!!
Run my food home to the freezer and grab my book for bookclub! Oh, another reminder to myself, I need to find a book for the Christmas book mystery exchange!!
630-8 DH is going to have to take/pick up Alex from practice
7:00 bookclub at Sarah's. We are reading Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris. This is the first of his books that I have read, and I am loving it. Thanks to Cassie for picking such a short and easy read during this busy time of year!!
hopefully home by 9:30 to sleep

Alex to school
There is study day at school today, depending on how I am feeling about Algebra and if I have to retake my Calculus, I may attend this. There will be teachers going over things in rooms and others available to help with particular problems.
12:00 I do have to be to work by this time if I take the morning off. We have a Trust signing this afternoon so I can't skip.
6:00 head home, study for Algebra final and maybe Calculus.
Alex has a birthday party to go to from 7-9:30, but DH can take her

9:00 Alex basketball game
1:00 Algebra final
9:00 hopefully I have some friends to take me out for a drink?!?!?!

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