Tuesday, November 25, 2008


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Bree said...

I just read your comment on my blog and flipped over yours. Seriously, are we twins separated at birth? First, I loved your comment on my blog because that is exactly what I do. Yesterday's lateness was unusual but I do normally start and finish a paper on the day it is due. Twilight - I feel the same way. Vampires, really? I'm an adult, I'm not going to read that. But I feel I must soon but am afraid I will be obsessed like I am now with Harry Potter (which I also put off for years). This Week Ahead - I stopped doing that weekly because of life and found I didn't do so well on my school assignments when it wasn't scheduled so I went back to it as well. Wine - I'm drinking a glass right now contemplating doing yet another paper that is do. I know it's only 11am but what the heck, it's 5:00 somewhere (and I don't usually do this). I'm definitely putting your blog on my list to read. Thanks!