Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can we talk about Twilight???

I am obsessed!! Really, I am.
I wasn't even going to read them. I mean come on, vampires? So not my thing. Romance? not at all.
But I have these friends. And these friends have been going on about these books. And these friends are going to the movie on opening night.
I wanted to go to the movie with them. So, I gave in. I told them, since I knew I wouldn't like it, that I would borrow a book and read it.
What do these friends do? They say NO! I couldn't borrow anyone's book because they were all reading them for the SECOND time!
What kind of friends do I have??
Reading a book for a second time? In such a short time period? INSANE. There are very few books that deserve being read more than one, and it's usually good to put a few years time span in there.

Anyways, I got on Amazon and saw that the first 2 books in the series were only $6. So I ordered them both. Oh, and to get the free shipping I also grabbed something off my wishlist. I don't recall what.

The books came sometime last week. After we were done trick-or-treating on Friday night, I decided to start the first book.
By the time our next President was announced on Tuesday, I was done with the SECOND book!!! And these are big books! Both over 500 pages.

I did really good Saturday. I made sure I followed my homework schedule and did any chores around the house that needed done. But, I stayed up until around 2 am reading.
By Monday my schedule was shot. I had a paper due Monday night. I started it right before class, and finished it. After class I was supposed to work on algebra. I didn't. On Tuesday night I was supposed to do more Algebra. I didn't.

So, now I am behind in Algebra. My test is tomorrow. I did study for it tonight.
Only because books 3 and 4 haven't arrived. I am behind 4 assignments. They aren't due until Nov. 14th, but I like to keep up with the chapters. We are almost done with chapter 2, and I still have homework from chapter 1. Not good.

Hopefully I won't get 3 and 4 until next week so that I can catch up on homework. I know if they get here sooner, I will be screwed.
I have no control
I am obsessed

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Amanda said...

Hahahaha...too funny. I sent my sister Twilight to read and she's on the third book know. She thanks me for getting her addicted. She said she's stopped doing chores to read them.