Saturday, November 1, 2008

the week ahead

I haven't done this in awhile, but it did me some good when I did do it.

For this weekend:
I have about 20 episodes of my soaps to watch. I really should give this up! But, I'm multitasking and doing this and my homework at the same time.

I have an English paper to write.
English quiz to study for.
I've completed 2, and have 3 Algebra assignments left to complete by Monday.
I have a Calculus test to study for.

Balance bank accounts, and make sure bills are set to be paid. I love online banking!!

I want to read more of Twilight. I started is last night after taking the kids out for Halloween. I read 217 pages before I made myself put it up and go to sleep. I'm forcing myself to finish my homework before I touch it again.

Today: I'm working on all of the above. Son has a birthday party to go to, then we are off to in-laws Church for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Bible study and church, then groceries and working on all of the above.

work, both algebra and calculus class, back to work, home for a quick bite to eat, drop son off at boy scouts, daughter off at basketball practice, then off to English class. Maybe work on some homework when I get home. Read myself to sleep, the goal being to finish Twilight that night.

work, algebra, back to work. I get the evening at home. I've already voted, so I will have time to do homework and start on Twilight book II.

work, calc. and algebra, then take daughter to orthodontist to get braces put on. I have to go to confirmation class with her, but should be able to study for the two tests that I have on Friday. Read myself to sleep. I want to have all the Twilight books done before the movie comes out.
Thank goodness I finished my book club book early!!

work, algebra, work, stop by Jenny Craig for weigh-in and meals, and then home for the evening. Daughter has practice, but DH should be able to take her. That way I can make sure I got all my homework done and am well studied for the two tests.

work, calc and alg. tests, back to work. Then take kids to their dads for the weekend. I will spend the night relaxing and reading, maybe even a glass of wine (or two).

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