Sunday, October 7, 2007

Today was a great day!

I woke up and watched "The Breakup". Then I hopped in the shower and headed to brunch with the girls. This place serves champagne with brunch! And them we saw the 'make your own bloody mary bar' set up by the buffet. Note that this was after 2 glasses of champagne.

We were there for almost 3 hours (had to sober up to drive). Who would have thought we needed a DD for brunch?

One of my friends is getting married this month, and this was a get together for her. During the course of our meals, we decided to have a bachelorette party for her this weekend!!! I'm so exited! These girls threw an awesome bparty for me..........I can't wait to be part of the planning process for someone else.

And we decided that since a lot of the girls aren't yet married, we are using some of the same stuff from my party and making it a tradition to pass it down. How cool is that?

So, after finally getting home, I relaxed. No sits today.........
We had pizza delivered and now the kids are getting to bed. I love days like this. It makes me resent my business sometimes.

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