Thursday, October 25, 2007

Then it was Sunday and talk of greencards.

It was a very nice relaxing day. We went to a friends for a BBQ, and that was about it.

Her in-laws were visiting and she wanted us all to meet them. They live in Seattle now, but were from Canada. She was actually originally from Scotland. It was very interesting to hear there travel stories.

My friend met her husband in Canada while she was going to school there. They moved here about 2 weeks after the wedding. He is still waiting to be legalized, but as long as he doesn't leave the country, he can stay here. I guess if he goes back, he won't be able to get back into the USA.

Speaking of which, the friend who is getting married soon is also from Canada. She is here on a work visa and is still trying to get legalized.

I say legalized because I can't remember the correct term. Is it green card? Or citizenship? I think it's citizenship.

And, I have another friend who lives here, and her boyfriend is from Spain. He was here on a work visa for several years, and just got his citizenship(or whatever) a month ago.

It's sad to hear the stories of what they had to, or are still having to go through just to live here without the fear of being sent back. They are all wonderful people and I'm glad to share my home country with them.

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