Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tammy's birthday week.

My friend Tammy's birthday was last week. She was a rockstar!

She started on Tuesday night. We have a friend who works at a local newstation until 11 pm. So, she starts her nights at 11 pm. On Tuesdays she sometimes does Kareoke, and we decided to unofficially start Tammy's celebration then. Well, Tammy made it, but I fell asleep by 10 pm.

On Wednesday, we all went to Old Chicago to eat and start the Halloween mini beer tour.

On Saturday, we actually celebrated her birthday. We went to a Hockey game, complete with tailgating. Our home team lost, but we had a blast.

Oh, before the hockey game Tammy, another friend and my husband all did the beerfest thing. It's a huge thing here. All the beer vendors you can imagine, pouring all the beer you want. All for $25.00

My kids were here that weekend, so I stayed at home during the beerfest, so my husband could do the beerfest, and he stayed home that night, so I could do the hockey game. Teamwork.

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