Thursday, October 4, 2007

I just cooked a real meal. And I hated every minute of it.

For the last couple years I've been complaining about how much I hate cooking. So, my cooking has consisted of hamburger helper, those ready made crock pot meals, tacos, pizza, and other quick and easy deals.

Lately I've been wondering why I hate cooking so much. It's really not that bad. And I'm getting tired of the same crap over and over again. Note, if I could eat out every night I would. But, having kids and not being rich does not allow that to happen.

I came across a recipe I decided I would try. Bacon and egg lasagna. It's different. So, at 5 pm tonight, I started cooking. I wish I would have taken pictures.

Normally when I do bacon, I put it in the oven. Well for this recipe I needed the grease, so I had to do it stove top. I haven't done that for about 13 years (before dear daughter). I'm suddenly realizing why. Grease is splattering everywhere! I don't own a grease stopper thingy anymore. So, I ran out to our garage sale pile and found an apron.

Then I go do some internet surfing. And forget about the bacon. So, DH goes to the store to buy some more.

Next, I start the noodles. No problems there. Then I realize that I need hard boiled eggs! I wait until the noodles are done, and then put the eggs on.

I start the sauce with the left over grease, flour and some milk. When that is done, I think I'm ready to put it all together. Then I read about the cheese. Well, I had bought the cheese, but they didn't have shredded Swiss cheese, so I had to shred it. Oh, and I had to cool the eggs off so I could peel the shell off and slice them up.

I finally get all that done, cursing whoever invented cooking. I get it put together and in the oven. It was the most disorganized cooking event ever!

It is just about done. That shit better be good. It better be so good that my kids start drooling for more. Especially since it is already past their bedtime. Yes, this whole process took over 3 hours.

I remember now why I hate cooking.


Colts Biggest Fan - Marcie Muensterbee said...

STEPH!! I had to delete your comment HENCE the secret. I'm not "out" yet and don't want EVERYONE to know JUST YET :)

A Real Librarian said...

Soo, how was it?? =)