Thursday, October 25, 2007

After the bachelorette party

The next day (Saturday) a few of us planned on going to see a pumpkin carving class. Karen picked us up and we went to Williams-Sonoma. We were really excited about this. We got there and they were making pumpkin waffles, we all got a taste! Then we asked about the carving class, and the lady said she would get us set up.
So, we walked around and admired all the wonderful kitchen gadgets that we will never spend that much money on.

Finally, the class was ready. Or, should I say demonstration? I don't know what to call it. She had a pumpkin, showed us this dremel tool thing, made some lines on the pumpkin and encouraged us to try it for ourselves. I really don't know what we expected, but we were all somewhat disappointed.

So, we decided to walk over to Bella Luna for brunch. We walked by Origins on the way, so I stopped in to buy some more powder. I couldn't believe that the lady who did my make-over in July recognized me! She immediately asked how the wedding was.

Brunch was great, complete with Bloody Mary's for 2 of us, and wine for the other 2.

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