Friday, April 10, 2009

Walgreens just lost my business

I think I might be on a roll for companies that want to loose my business. First it was Bank of America Credit Cards, then Bank of America Banking (almost), and now Walgreens.

So, you all know that our dog, Sebastian, has cancer. When he was diagnosed in January, the vet in KC wrote a prescription for Morphine, 15 tablets.

Here it is April, 4 months later, and we are out of Morphine. We've used 15 pills in 3 months. Our new vet wrote us a new prescription last week, we took it to Walgreens tonight. The same place that filled it in January.

We dropped it off at 6 pm. Our vet closes at 6 pm. He doesn't open again until Monday. The pharmacist didn't "feel comfortable" filing the prescription, and said he would call the vet on Monday. I said, our dog has cancer, 15 pills have lasted 4 months, he needs a pill.

No deal.

Now mind you, my husband and I both have monthly prescriptions that we get at this place. Sebastian got 15 pills in January. We obviously ARE NOT abusing the morphine! My dog has cancer in one leg, and a laceration that is healing on the other leg! He needs his pain medication!

We asked for the prescription back, drove across the street to Dillons, and 20 minutes later had his morphine.

I really don't understand what the guys problem was at Walgreens. But I will be in the store on Monday, talking to a supervisor and explaining to him why we will no longer shop there.

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Bree said...

wow you are having a hard time this week. hope next week is better.