Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2010 Vacation

My mom has a time share. She is giving us a week next year, but we have to make a decision soon. We can go anywhere in the US.

If you could take a family vacation anywhere in the US, where would you go? And what time of year would you go there?


ANovelMenagerie said...

Big Sur area in central/mid California. It's breathtaking. You can drive to Carmel and it's lovely. I'd go May/June or October.

Bree said...

Well - do you want beach/ocean or not?

Beach/ocean - Myrtle Beach, SC. Padre Island, TX, almost anywhere along FL coast

Not - Disney World (you can never go wrong with Disney, there is something for everyone and if you want the beach, just drive an hour or so in either direction)

Good luck deciding. Let us know what you pick. I had a friend give me a timeshare week. We chose Disney. What a fabulous time we had! Unforgetable vacation. I seriously could have lived at the timeshare the rest of my life; it was so pretty.

Bree said...

The Wife in the North book I mailed you, could you let me know the last date she has entered in book. I want to catch up on her blog this summer but want to start from where she left off. thanks

Alyce said...

If it was me I would pick something in Virginia because my husband and I are politics and history junkies. Virginia Beach is only an hour drive from Colonial Williamsburg and a couple hours drive from DC and all of the cool free museums there. Inland in Charlottesville you have the University of Virginia (founded by Jefferson) and Monticello (Jefferson's home). Also in VA are James Madison's home, George Washington's home and many Civil War sites. So if you're a history buff it's a great place to visit. If you're not into history though, and just want to relax on the beach you should probably listen to other advisors. We haven't really gone on any vacations to the beach (since we grew up on the Oregon coast and still live within driving distance).

Stephanie said...

Bree - I will get that to you soon! It's on my to do list.

At first I was thinking a beach trip. But, then I started looking at the timeshares, and frankly, they were all crap. Plus we are going to Cabo this year and Hawaii in 2011.

So, I think we will be going somewhere without a beach. I'm checking out all your suggestions! Thanks!

And yes, we love history!

Anonymous said...

I live on the east cost and love it,don't get me wrong.I've been up and down the coast it is nice.Family vacation.Arizona!!Rent a car and drive to the grand canyon,botanical gardens,or the mts in sedona.Not your average mts.Amazing sights.Sunsets to die for.I think Oct or Nov would be best.Way too hot in the summer.Perfect this time of year.I would suggest at least looking into it.gl.

Anonymous said...

also plenty of history dating way back with the cave dwellings.AZ check it out!!