Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm losing my mind!

I got a book in the mail today. I have no idea where it came from. I used to sign up for the give-aways, but stopped because my to-be read pile got too high.

But, this is a book that maybe I saw on a give-away and thought "wow, I need that book!", and signed up for it. But I missed the winning part. Or I just forgot the winning part. Which really wouldn't surprise me.

So, if I won a book and you sent it to me, please refresh my memory so that I can thank you!

The book is, Real Solutions for Busy Moms. Which is something I need! Can't wait to read it.

Oh, and I have read a few books that haven't made it to the blog pile. I want to say that The Red Tent was awesome! I'll do a better review at some point :)

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Bree said...

I know that feeling. I got a book in the mail in the fall and had no clue where it came from. Its gotta be finals getting to you.