Saturday, April 25, 2009

Money and Bank of America update

We received our Federal tax refund yesterday. I immediately transferred $4,500 over to our BoA card and $1,000 to our ER savings!

Take that BoA!! Hubby still has to call our other two cards to get the remaining balance transferred over.

When we had the horrible conversation with BoA and they cut our limit, DH kept asking to speak to a supervisor. They said there was not one available and someone would contact us in a few days. We never got a call. But, we did get a letter in the mail saying they were trying to contact us and gave us a number to call. So, he did. And guess what? There wasn't a supervisor available. So, we left another message. Someone did finally call and leave a VM, but DH hasn't had time to call back.
When he does and they see that recent payment, maybe they will take us seriously, but I doubt it.
I also still haven't wrote the letter. I need to get on that.

Anyways, I updated our progress bars! They are looking nice!

And we are getting new toilets next weekend! I'm trying to be very excited about that :)
It's not a new couch, but I guess I still get to sit on it, right?

It was really depressing to see a $5,500 deposit in our account yesterday and just watch it go away without having anything to show for it. (except for new toilets) If we were out of debt I could have saved half of it, bought the toilets, a new washer/dryer and a new couch! THAT would have been awesome................ahhh.........someday. Right?

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