Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Remember when I said everything was falling down around us?

And here is how..............

Warning: This post includes cute doggy pictures!!

We knew we had fence problems. We've been saving to replace the back fence. I was thinking it would be around $1500. We were hoping to have that by September and replace it then. We also thought the above picture was our bad spot. Why haven't the dogs cleared that yet?? We were wrong.Here I am, taking my dog into our backyard on a leash. We had a horrible storm last night, and down went our fence. I was back there a few days ago and noticed it wasn't stable, so we rigged it with the post and chain, seen above. It didn't stand a chance against the winds last night.

And there's another spot that falling back.

I can not, under any circumstances let this dog off a leash. He is a repeat offender, skilled in the art of escape. Notice the yellow things at the bottom of the fence. Yes, we had to break down and put an electric wire along the base. He did everything to get out. The wire finally stopped him. Now about 3 months after we put the wire down, it snapped, (with help of the weed trimmer) and has not been fixed. That was about 2 years ago. Today was the first day he ever got close to that fence. I mean heck, how could he resist that gaping hole?

I wish I could have seen him. I know he couldn't have gone straight for it. He had to have pondered it. Paced back and forth, deciding if it was worth it. Then finding out it was. Poor guy has no clue he could have cleared that fence at any time in the last 2 years, he didn't need the damn thing to fall down!

"But mom, I promise I'll be good, just let me go!!"
There's Cinnamon, watching us from the window.

The next 3 pictures are of the length of the fence. I tried to get it in one picture, but it's just too long. 110 feet. $2700 to replace it. $1200 more than what I was budgeting for, and 5 months early.

And now it's Angel's time to go outside. These dogs usually go out and run around for about an hour. They love the big yard, and the big yard is one of the reasons we bought the piece of shit house. To make our dogs happy. Of course, when we bought the house, we didn't have any dogs. But we knew they would be an addition.

She stands in front of me, making sure there are no dangers.

Angel is very loyal and a homebody. She doesn't care to take off. I'm standing in front of the fence and let her off leash. She eyed it, then went off to guard me. I'm not sure what she heard, but she sure did turn her head quickly.Yep, the cat is still watching out for us.

"Here mom, let me lead the way. I need to make sure everything is okay"

I couldn't get a picture of it, but she kept looking back, checking on me.

We had quit a bit of snow these last few months. It's over now, but it did cause some damage.

The snow is clear up to her belly!

Ok, I almost forgot, this is a post about everything falling down around us. So, here it is. The covering over our porch couldn't handle the snow and down it came. Not the best picture, but you can see it hanging down. And see the dogs checking things out before they ventured out to the snow.

"Ok, I'm ready to come back inside now"

So, last fall, we had the guttering on one side of the house fall, then in the winter our porch cover, and now at spring time the fence. What will summer bring??

My guess is the rest of the gutters. Which I did have budgeted to fix, but since the fence is going to be so high, we have to take out of that fund. So, hopefully they will last another year.

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