Thursday, April 10, 2008

My daughters weekend. Leadership

What do you do with kids' who need a behavior modification? Ship them off to the Marines! What if your kid isn't old enough for that? Jr. Marines!! This program has been great for self-esteem building in DD. She got chosen to participate in a city competition, and here we are freezing our rear off.

It was a very cold morning. Here is DD checking in. See how cold she is?
This is how the smart ones stay warm, get that blood moving.
Ready for the first activity. I remember these in PE. I hated them, I'm the least flexible person ever!!

Hold those legs down!
And that's all there is to that one. Ready for some sit ups? With a smile like that? I couldn't get it, but she kept that smile on just up to the very end.
The end. I think that smile might still be there!
Next up is the shuttle run.
Pick up the first one.
Drop it off.......Look! They're tied!!
When she picked up the second one, she slipped. This is the end.
I thought the flag in the window would look cool. Guess not.
They don't look too happy about the next event. Pull-ups. Actually, the girls do hangs. They pull up and stay there as long as they can.
She's up.
Going down. It counts until their arms straighten out.
And done. I don't remember the time, but it was very good, 2nd place so far for the girls'.

Lined up for the 1/2 mile run.
Not sure what all this was about.
There she is, still with her best friend, soon after she goes off on her own, leaving her friend behind. Of course we were yelling on the sidelines to do it for herself..........
The older guys were running with the girls, motivating them's DD at the finish line.
And here comes her buddy to the finish line!
Next up is the cook-out!
Now it's time for the awards. Here they are getting into formation.Look at those other schools. Do you call that formation??
Very nice.
Here's the main guy (I don't know titles) Announcing awards.
This is one of our guys........
And another one of our guys......
Now he's announcing the top 3 schools, we got second place!! The team is telling DD that she was voted to go up and get the trophy. She can't figure out when this discussion took place. Notice she's not moving. Ok, so you can't see that in a picture, but that's how it happened.
Here's the Sarge, pushing her up there.
And she made it!
See the trophy in the front! What a proud moment. They did a great job!!!

I like it when I take pictures and can let them tell the story!!

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